Why do people see marriage as a trap- get married?

u know ' so & so is trying to trap me into marriage' , or 'last night of freedom' , or' 'good by my life that I love' that kind of mentality.

why not just say single and spare who ever you would otherwise end up torturing with your resentment. or divorcing. its rather childish. you are an adult. if you do not want to marry, do not. do not blame it on your partner.

for those of you who will say its an important step in becoming an adult. bull sh*t, thee are many ways to gain a sense of responsibility without making someone you do not really want to be with miserable.

It is actually rather immature. Not responsible. To marry where you would rather not.

no I'm not biter, I'm not planning on getting married. I wonder why people who do not want to do, obviously if you want to you should, but if you do not want to, why would you.


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  • Bachelor party's are exactly the same. "Kissing single life goodbye! Now I'm stuck!"

    If you think marriage is something bad, don't marry. If you don't, you should embrace the fact you're going to be with the most wonderful person in the world. Cause that's the reason of marriage, right?

    So I totally agree with you: if you think you that way about it, don't marry. It's unfair to you and your partner.

    Which means I can only say I don't have the answer.

    I don't think I'm ever going to be married either. But if I am, it will be with a person I love and respect. And I will NOT think "now I'm throwing my life away". Because marriage is building a new life with someone, not a reason to cry because your old life disappears.

    But this is only my opinion...

    • Well, I agree with your 'opinion' ;)