Kisses your hand and asks to marry him?

So here's yet another story.

I talked just joking around with this guy who's a friend of mine's best guy friend. We were just talking and fooling around but not flirting. Then he kissed my hand and asked me if I would marry him. Now, isn't that kind of strange?

What do you guys mean when you kiss a girl's hand. Especially when the only thing you have in common is mutual friends,

What does it mean when he asks you to marry him?

So guys are strange but I bet girls are even worse. Please help me solve this riddle cause to me it doesn't make any sense.


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  • All that's going through my mind is that he thinks you're hot and if he asks to marry you it's something that you can't say isn't sweet so he's trying to make you think he's sweet so he can get in your pants. That's all I can think. Sorry.


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