Why would you choose to become a housewife?

If your husband didn't mind you working outside, why would you choose to be a housewife...

  • It makes you free most of the time and will be there for your husband and kids all the time!
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  • It will makes you very happy & sexually very active and make your husband go wild in sex!
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  • On all sides it's a lot better for you and for your husband & for the kids...
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  • I won't be a housewife, and I will be a working wife with my own selfish money and won't care about my family unless I have some free time...
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Most Helpful Girl

  • what would make me want to stay at home? I don't really like the answers you gave us, sorry. But I take this question serious for a minute and think about it...

    Well it's one of those what if questions... I mean does my man earn enough so we can support our family if we have children? And of course there is the point that I like what I'm doing, it's part of me.

    But money and all this stuff aside... I guess if I had a child who needs special care, you know? Had a handicap or something. There are nursing services and stuff like that but I think I really would like to do it myself.

    I know a family that is in this kind of situation. They both work and take care of the child together, but their schedule is really hard and it's especially hard for the husband to handle the child and his job, so I think I would stay at home if I would be in this kind of situation. But this kind of things always depends...

    • You said you don't like to become a housewife, well you leave me no room to answer, but of course your going to be a housewife in case your husband is able to support you financially with the kids, you won't care about money cause your husband is your heart and your everything, by the way what you do for him at home are very important to him and make him the happiest man like he makes you the happiest girl, but about other things I won't answer cause you just blocked the housewife idea...

    • It's not a matter of course these days that one 'earner' earns enough money to support a family this days. At least in my experience. I just don't think the whole thing is 'in the stars' for me or would make me the happiest. But to each their own.

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What Girls Said 5

  • Clearly you're biased against women who want jobs, don't ask opinions if you're going to take a skewed vision of why women get jobs.

    I don't want to be a house wife because I want to help support my family. Being a housewife I see as a luxery, I've never had much money, and after twenty years and 15 moves my parents are finally going to own their own house. Until now I've only lived in apartments or split houses. I started working at 14 at my local YMCA and have been working every since and I plan to keep working because to not work, to me, is lazy. To not work because your husband can bring in all the money, to me, is the selfish option. I want to help, I want to be a part of taking care of the kids, buying them things and making sure that there's food in the fridge when dinner time comes.

    I'm not going to sit at home and prance about pretending to be a benefit to society. I don't care if I marry a movie star I've grown up learning the value of a good work ethic and the value in a hard day's work and that's what I plan to do with my life. Working and helping people through my work has always been a big part of my life and I'm not going to change that.

    I wouldn't marry a man who wouldn't let me work. To me that's a big part of who I am. If I have kids I will be sure to take care of them and not let my work get in the way of doing so. I will be there for my husband when he needs me as well. And I expect him to do the same. I also want me kids to have the same strong female role model that my mother gave me, I want them to know that they can have a job, or stay at home, whatever makes them happy.

    • u talk like the housewife role is a lazy one, well let me tell you something, a real good housewife is a lot more than all your dreams and all what you think is good, you think that you can do it all, but your a dreamer and you can lie on yourself but not on me, and you said that your kids may choose either being a housewife or working wives, well this option is very rare and very rare men offer it, and personally I would never married a girl who thinks that she can tell me, I won't leave my job for you!

  • Yet again, your poll is stupid and biased.

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    • Which girls? Certainly none of the ones that posted an answer.

    • The ones who answered are just some girls from hundred of girls who likes me here and support my ideas, so even if the ones who are against me are equal to the ones who are on my side and even if their more, I don't care...i can continue my way even having 1 girl who supports me!

  • i love your questions,they keep me amused.and *AHEM* for my answer, YOU SEXIST ASSHOLE,STOP THIS SHIT-ONCE AGAIN-WOMEN.HAVE.BRAINS. WE'RE NOT SLAVES! there ya' go,my opinion on the subject,good day to you mr. sexist pig,i hope to scream at you again in the future

    • look you bitch, I had enough of you so I will block you now, next time when you want to scream in my face than come to me and scream, maybe I'll shut your mouth forever, so just F*** OFF! you crack hoar!

  • Yeah, wow, totally biased answers there bud. You can work and cook and live at the same time. It should be equal. Men can cook too! And do laundry! It's not women's work anymore. The 1950s are over.

    • Not for me, I can't cook or do the laundry...for me it's the wife's role...just my opinion!

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    • Okay, you have a right to your opinion. But like you can never respect a girl who wants to work some people can never respect someone who has no respect for girls who wants to work... so there you have it, if you don't respect them, they won't respect you.

    • Maybe your right, but I don't need such girls to respect me cause I don't respect them...but I do respect girls who works because they have to or because their widowed or had been left by their men...i respect those girls a lot...i just don't respect a girl who wants to work just to earn her own money because she loves money and is a materialistic girl...but it's her choice if she wants to work or not but I don't respect such womens!

  • I wouldn't


What Guys Said 2

  • What's the point of making a poll if you're going to make it so biased?

    • The point is...hmmmmmm, I think it's a female poll and not a male poll so ZIP IT!

    • Well if you like housewives so much maybe you should be one?

  • I actually wanted to say "this poll is ridiculously biased" but I wouldn't have thought so many people would beat me to it.

    This is nonsensical. Next time, make a real poll.

    Have you ever heard the term, "balance"?

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