Is he just stringing me along?

I've been with my fiance for 2 years and engaged for 1.5 years. Everytime I ask him if we could start planning he shuts the conversation down. At first I was ok with it, as we got engaged pretty fast but now he starts a fight if I ask anything about a wedding. He's told me to go look for a wedding dress and I've bought 2 and scheduled a hawaii vacation, and he's taken me to look at a venue. When I left him once over this, he would say he was excited about the venue to manipulate me into coming back. I've tried asking if we can talk about a marriage in every way except in Spanish and I dont know what to do bc he is making me feel like I'm the crazy person for getting upset when he shuts the conversation down every time. Is he stringing me along? Should I leave him? This is important to me and he doesn't seem to care.
Is he just stringing me along?
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