Why am I such a fuck up?

I met this guy on a s.3. x site, and he's older he's 58 and I'm 23. I send pictures to him of me n4ked. He's married, but says his wife and him never talk but they live together.

I'm feeling really guilty. I never thought I was one to do that with a married man. I know karma will probably serve me right one day. AND, my husband will probably cheat on me cause I'm doing this now? I don't know. I feel guilty of it. But I really like him. But karma one day will have my husband cheat on me right? Cause I'm doing this now? : ( great.

I never believed in love anyways. I blocked him. so now I'm gonna marry a man who does this to me. great my life is ruined.

I AM NOT married. I'm talking about when I do or if I do. that my future husband will do this whenever we get married cause of karma. Wow. I'm such a fuck up! Why? Now this situation is gonna happen to me cause I did it.. :(
Why am I such a fuck up?
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