Is married life supposed to be this boring?

I’m female, 22, and my husband is 32. I’m so bored with life. I don’t want to sound ungrateful. I am extremely privileged. We own a house in a nice neighborhood, he has a stable well paying job, he loves me and is really good to me. He devotes his entire life to me. We aren’t “rich” but in general if I need something I can get it.
Maybe I am entitled and spoiled but I feel sad all the time. I am so bored. I love my husband but during sex I’m so bored I just lay there waiting for it to be over. I’m graduating college this year, but I’ve never had the “college experiences” because I was married and living with my husband the whole time. I want to do things like hikes, tennis, bars, road trips, camping, etc, but it’s a huge struggle to do any of this so it’s usually like once a year. He just doesn’t want to do that stuff. He wants to watch movies, play video games, and have a nice meal together. I try to organize little dates like picnics at the park, but he doesn’t want to. Our vacations are visiting his family.

I know what it is like to not have security. I spent parts of my teenage years homeless or dealing with my alcoholic abusive mother. We were white trash and I’m proud I’m no longer part of that.

When I got married at 19, my husband had swept me off my feet. I LOVED him, the security, and how well he treated me. But I’m scared I’m wasting my youth and am just going to end up a stay at home mom resentful of what could have been. He wants kids soon and I literally cry thinking about it.

Does being in a healthy, stable relationship just mean that life is boring? I hate myself for being unhappy when I have everything I need. Should I just accept that you can’t have it all in life? I feel like I’m just wasting my life. How do you find meaning and happiness once you are married?
Is married life supposed to be this boring?
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