Is it wrong to give my opinion about a ring if my boyfriend asks for it?

He showed me what he wants to get me but... it’s really not my style and... it’s something he picked out while he was dating another girl... I don't know if he intended it for her or the girl he dated after her ever, but... I know he’s had his eye on this specific engagement ring for years... we are getting serious and I did try expressing to him that it wasn’t really my style (before I knew how much it meant to him, though I don’t really know why he’s so set on this specific one...)
I’m not asking for an extravagant ring, should be decide to pop the question—the ones I’ve looked at and shown him as my style (after he asked) were usually 100 or below (one was 200 which I am NOT expecting, just looking at my dream kind of ring)... he just... is set on this specific ring... and I guess I could grow to like it as long as he balances the colors and I wouldn’t say no because of the ring (I love him and honestly plan to marry him no matter what) but I’d like to be able to wear the ring and not feel like it’s too colorful or too... rectangular and masculine... heck, I’d be happy with a 14 dollar ring that looks like the little heart knot... but... I don’t like mismatched colors or putting the month and year of the wedding on the front of an engagement ring... my anxiety and personal perfectionism feel... overwhelmed by the design... and I feel like a bad guy for having an opinion that is contradictory to his... >~< I’m trying to convince him that two colors or one color work much better than three >~< help?
Is it wrong to give my opinion about a ring if my boyfriend asks for it?
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