Have you ever had a marriage pact with someone?

who was that person to you? (a good friends, a secret crush?)

would you or did you go though with the pact?

I'm asking because I do have a pact with a girl who knows I've liked her for a long time. we have been though think and thin together, but for past (now nonexistent) reasons and currently distance we never dated. now she's dropping hints she wants to move up the date to... well... now. it has me questioning things I never did before.

questions like... is she just settling for me? I'm not a competitive person but I'm a romantic. I don't want someone to settle for me, to be taken simply because I'm the only one who's left. I want that person to choose to be with me over the other guys.

if you've ever made a pact with someone have you had the same worries?


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  • A marriage pact is settling.

    If we don't find love we'll marry is basically what the pact states.

    • I understood that and guessed when I turned 35, or 40 I might have accepted that (halfway through my life, still wanting kids ect.) so I don't think I would have those questions but she's wanting to move up the date 10+ years. so it kinda has be confused, is it still settling if they push for it now when we are both still young?

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    • Her biological clock is ticking faster she wants to nest sooner. Start a family hence the moving it up.

      Guys can easily have kids 35/40 years old women it's harder. Do you know if she wants to adopt? Maybe she'd like to give birth as well.

    • I know she would adopt, and I know she would love to give birth as well but I know it would be difficult for her, I was there when she was "sick" so I know that if she were to get preg she would have to be in hospital for the entire 9 months because it could be life threatening for her.

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