I made a fool out of myself?

Im a very shy person in general like really shy when I'm out in public I like talk so low and I hung out with a boy for the first time the other day and I guess you can say I had something like a axiety attack I started getting really hot I was shaking I probably looked like a idiot I hope he didn't notice me shaking though :/ and we just sat there on the bed it was so ocward and when I left he texted me and said I wasn't expecting that but honestly me either and I said next time come over my house and he said only if your not so quiet witch kinda made me say f*ck it I don't care anymore but we were suppose to have sex and he said he thought if he made a move I was gunna smack him but I wouldn't have and I told him I thought it was funny though so I laughed and I said we still can do it next time and he asked me to come over today but I feel like a complete retard now and I'm not gunna text him unless he texts me first to come over

what should I do?

do you think I completely ruined my chances with him?


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  • Well..I am not him nor was I present...but if I am understanding you there was an agreement to engage in sex? It is hard for me conceive that he would not wish to take you up on your offer! When I hear something like this I always get a kick out it: "Yeah well I'VE never done anything like that"! I have some very nice bridges for sale as well. Nobody out there that hasn't fallen on their face...what is important is that you brush yourself off and prepare for your next chance which I believe is coming very shortly!

    • btw...next time, instead of sitting there...maybe get your hands on...caress, rub, massage..and what about kissing...seems like I read somewhere that it's been shown that kissing really prepares us for what is to come...just trying to be helpful...I am certainly "hands on"

    • haha thanks

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  • You just got nervous, that's not supposed to be a dealbreaker with anybody. Next time, don't push so hard. Do what you're comfortable with, don't do what you're uncomfortable with.

  • If you told him you can do it next time I bet he is tripping waiting for the next time, text him and tell him to come over. Problem solved.

    • he won't come over my house for some reason he always tells me to go to his

    • Then tell him you will be coming to his house tonight. (bring protection)

  • You didn't ruin anything with him. Sounds like was just expecting things to "go down".

    • what do you mean? he just wanted to have sex with me that's all?

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    • Like what though? hahaha

    • Physical contact with his penis.

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