Want to marry my boyfriend but there is a situation there?

My boyfriend is a divorced dad who has his kids most of the time. We get two nights with out the kids a week and some times he spends one of those with his buddies, which is cool. We have been together about a year (June 10th) and we have not talked about marriage at all. He has told me about his divorce from his ex and how she treated him. It was bad and ugly... he ended up filing for bankruptcy because of his ex. So knowing that I don't want to pressure him or scare him as I know he had a really bad divorce. I would love to marry him but I don't know if he is even thinking that or what. I don't want to scare him or pressure him. How do I know if he is thinking that? I don't know what to do or think


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  • Well if you aren't comfortable talking about marriage with him, then you definitely aren't ready to get married. Talk to him and see how he feels about it. If you thinking bringing it up might put pressure on him I understand. Sometimes that type of talk can scare a partner away if they aren't on the same page as you. Remember that marriage is not much more than a piece of paper. You can live with him for the next 20 years happily and never get married. Maybe it is better to just wait for him to say something about it, and then you can chime in.