Do you ever think about the ones you turned down?

about the dates you said no to or people you said no to or ignored / avoided, and just didn't want to go out with, and if so what do you think about them ?


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  • Well in 7th grade this kid whom I had a lot of classes with, asked one of his friends to ask me out for him while I was in lunch line. I probably said no, but I mean, I was what 13 at the time. So it just make me feel happy that I was liked back then by a guy.

    In 8th grade-9th grade I had a crush on a few guys but nothing serious like the guy would ask me out or anything. I would have said no anyways because I wanted to focus on school not boys and stuff like that.

    10th grade some guy that was my sister's boyfriends cousin, asked me if in another life we were together. I mean that was totally flirting, he was good looking but no.

    11th grade, don't remember much but I had a crush on a guy from church or maybe 2 guys. They never really asked me out though.

    1st year college, I was asked out by this white guy (I am Asian) and I said yes and then after 1 date it was like, he was hooked on me but I wasn't on him. So it was a no.

    2nd year of college-4th year, some other white guy asked me to be his girlfriend and I said no. He was very determined and kept on asking me why I didn't like him. It was just that I wasn't really sure of myself or where I was going. I didn't want someone to tie me down. I left my home state a few months after I graduated college and randomly went somewhere.

    1st year out of college I had a few people ask me out, and I was like, NO I am not sure I want to get married (I haven't found the one yet).

    2nd year out of college I met a guy I use to know from elementary school in the new state I'm in. thought I'd give it a go since I was lonely and life didn't seem to be going anywhere at this time. I had no idea what my next step in life is (Used to be elementary, high school, college, work... now work what next?) While I dated my now husband I got asked out a lot. I guess once I was in a relationship with him I was happy and it showed. Random guys at the grocery store would flirt with me, and ask for my name and such. Then ask if I had a boyfriend, I would say "yes, sorry I'm engaged" lol


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  • Occasionally I will think of them and just wonder how they are doing. What's going on in their world.

  • Sometimes I do think WHY DID YOU NOT GO OUT WITH ME?...! Then I think to myself, you are beautiful person, inside and out its his loss! Then just to make myself feel extra better I think of the bad flaws and smile. :)


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  • Sometimes, but never in the 'it could of been better' way, really.

    When I'm bored or having one of those philosophical night time moments when you are lying in bed awake I do. I just wonder how they are and maybe what they look like, or consider how their life is going.

    There's a girl I nearly became an item with who lives about 2 minutes away, and funnily enough, I've not seen her for a good seven years now. I spoke to her on Facebook (when I did Facebook, I've discovered it's a waste of time now) a year ago and discovered she's turned into a party animal, has a boyfriend who looks like that troll from Lord of the Rings and she had recently fallen pregnant, too.

    I wonder about that kind of stuff, not about what it would of been like if I had made a move, and stuff.

    I'd probably like to point out that this is because I'm engaged to someone else, so I don't need to worry too much about previous choices in life, or at least about the people I turned down. Maybe if I was single I'd think about how it could of been, but meh.

    But in short, yes I do think about them, but never in a longing way, just curious. :)

  • Yes / "Hmm I wonder what ___ is up to anymore."

    ~ ArtistBBoy

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