As a happy housewife, what would you offer for your husband or what would you consider him to you?

He loves you a lot and make you the happiest girl in the world, he takes care of you and support you financially and does for you what no one had done for you even your parents...he never made you felt that your less than him or he's the ruler and your the submissive one...he likes equality even you like him to be the dominant cause your know he's so nice to you...and you consider your marriage a real marriage cause you believe that your husband is your life...your world and everything!


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  • I would do anything in the world for him. I would make dinner every night...and breakfast every morning. And, even bring him lunch to his job, if he liked it. I would give him back massages..and do little surprises for him as well. You know, just anything to make him happy. :-)

    • "Eiffelgirl21" all I can tell you based on your answers, is that your an awesome wonderful girl, any man who won't be faithful for you and likes you and helps you and makes you happy and appreciates you and admire you and care about you is a complete jerk and not a REAL man, special girls are like you, real LADIES...your female in all the words, you challenged everything to keep that feminine inside of you...i just wish you to have the best and may all your dreams come true and god bless you!

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    • your welcome!

    • I completely agree with you. :)

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  • ... and there's a white picket fence... and 2.5 kids... and you must have dinner on the table with slippers and a pipe ready for him along with the daily newspaper... and the kids must be well behaved... and it's the fifties...

    • No 2.5 kids, no picket fence and pipes and no newspaper and it's not the 50's, if your talking about me, well I never smoked or drank in my life...and I never read newspaper cause reading a newspaper takes time and I won't waste on a ridiculous paper, I will spend it with my wife and my kids cause spending each second with them is earning gold for it's not the 50's it's not 2450, it's the era that humanity might never see!

  • So long as I never felt unappreciated... so long as he was loyal and loving to me. He'd get my all. I'd do everything for him.

    • Well I wish both of you a good luck and keep it like this forever and also try to make it better and always challenge yourself and say that we can do better...never stop and say that's all...being faithful like what you said is very important a man & a girl who get's married must consider that their the only male and female on earth and act based on it!

  • Wow! Fantasy land! Sounds delicious enough if it were REAL!

    • It's fantasy land, until someone brave enough comes & makes this fantasy turns into reality, and I started it and establishing it and I hope to keep it forever with my wife...there is nothing impossible cause you might have it one day or even have to dream and fantasize so you make them true, what ancient populations had dreamed are now reality..."how to make the impossible, possible".

  • I would bitch slap him.


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