Marriage preparation courses, what are your views?

Where I am from marriage prep course is mandatory to be completed by couples before we can schedule and register our solemnisation.
The officiating person will also conduct interviews with each of us and a final interview with both of us.

The marriage prep course is a 1 or 2 day event and costs anywhere from $250-$500/couple.

Has anyone been through such course, can share their experiences? And how it has helped your marriage?
1 y
Given the high divorce rate between couple (ages 21 and up) not making past the 1 year anniversary of their marriage in the community, they made this course compulsory. And looking at the statistics, there's an improvement.

The cost is for full day (1or2days) including course content, certification (which you have to present to register for marriage), lunch and tea break.
Marriage preparation courses, what are your views?
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