How to deal with this man?

He is my cousin's husband and he doesn't let her talk to any other men (except family members).

If a boy or a man merely smiles at my cousin, the husband later confronts her, asking angrily - Why was he smiling at you, huh? Who is that?

He rarely supports her, even if it's not her fault, he always blames her. He always supports his parents. He even installed CCTV cameras in home to keep an eye on her.

He verbally abuses her and calls her retarded - even at slight mistake. My cousin even tried to commit suicide because of all this...

They have two children, both are less than 10 years old.

I know a lot of people would advise 'divorce', but she doesn't want to divorce him because of kids and there's a stigma around divorce, that a divorced woman is 'damaged goods'. She'll have trouble in getting married again.
How to deal with this man?
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