I never think about marriage... is that weird?

So, I'm in my late 20s and I'll be 30 soon. Not once have I ever thought about marriage. I never think about walking down the aisle with a woman. I never think about proposing. I never think about getting rings. None of that stuff.

-I had a friend who recently got married after 2 years of dating his girlfriend.

-I had another friend who got married after 4 years of dating his girlfriend.

-I have another friend who has been dating his girl for 2 years and he is talking about marrying her one day.

-I have a friend who was in a 8 year relationship (moved in with the girl in year 1) and they never got married. She eventually left him. Think she got tired of him not ever bringing up marriage.

Recently, my girlfriend and I broke up and we were dating for 3 years. She actually asked me a few months ago "where are we going with this?" and I told her I was just fine where we are at right now.

I dunno... I just never think about marriage. Is that weird? I just find it funny how people put so much pressure on marriage and talk about "not being committed" if you're not married. You don't have to be married to be in a committed relationship.
I never think about marriage... is that weird?
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