Did I do right to walk away from him?

For years it’s been a challenge but I always somehow made it through this. I respected his career as a DEA Supervisory Special Agent because he loved his position as a supervisor. However this year was a lot different for me. I love him always and never asked him to change anything about himself. I love him exactly the same way. I was so good to him and didn’t mind doing anything for him especially with him. His career brought a lot of jealousy and enemies. I couldn’t keep friends because they were too busy being jealous of my life and constantly kept asking about him. He was assigned elsewhere several months ago and I waited for him while living life. His career brought a lot of stress, heartache, and jealousy this year but I still love him. He’s the same man that still give me butterflies and made me stutter with pure love. I love helping people and even if I didn’t have anything I still wanted to send others encouragement. I walked out after so long of being in the dark while you see a person jealousy interfere with your life and you discover his disappearance could be him ghosting me instead. I have a big heart on me. I tries my heart because I’m loving this way. I have been through so much and made so many changes. Due to circumstances beyond my control communication and our situation remained imbalanced. Now I’m going to my new home because we are living apart. I had to deal with intimidation and much more. I’m a loner and I do everything by myself. I stayed loyal and caring. I loved every part of his being and soul. I left a chair in my heart so he can still take a seat when he return. I made sure people knew he existed while away from home, but I did my best to be a good woman. I did things for him, he did things for me, and we did things together as well. No matter what direction or how many miles his job took him I still reminded him that I will be here. I told him that I was his biggest supporter.
Did I do right to walk away from him?
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