Should I live with my boyfriend?

My boyfriend is wonderful and loving, but I don’t know what to do. We have been dating for 7 months, and things are going well. Since day one he’s said that he wants to marry me. I thought if things continued he would marry me before we leave for a big university (also, we’re both 21). Even his mom asked if he was proposing soon since it’s all he talks about with most people. I don’t expect a proposal now. However, he wants us to just live together next year, and I don’t want to live with someone before marriage. I already gave him my virginity as a devout Christian, and I feel like he’s asking me to compromise too much of myself. He wants to save up money for a big wedding, but we both don’t even make enough money to live, so that will never happen. I’m okay with no wedding, and I’ve told him this. Should I just break up with him once it comes time to transfer in about a year and a half?
Should I live with my boyfriend?
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