What does she mean??

Well I have been talking with this a a little bit and I just recently got a number 2 weeks ago. Well, I have know her for 4 month but just recently found out the I actually like. somehow 2 weeks ago, I was thinking of asking to this waterfall show but it was kinda last minute so I just got her number from Facebook and called her. unfortunately, I remember she told me a day before she had to work whole day and I call her and asked her out and she was tired and say not today. I remember people used to say if a girl like you she will propose a makeup outing but she did not so that's 1 of the bad sign. then, the next few day, we continue to text each other. after 2 day, she starts replying me after 1-2 hour so one day I was annoyed and asked her : 'are you busy?i could talk to you some other time if you are not free not' but she reply me ya,cause she was attending her sister recital. we then continue texting but she reply 30 min faster now. so one day I decide to send her a good morning text like hope you slept well and have fun at dance class. she did reply anything back. well again if she is interested, shouldn't she reply a you too or something like awww, that's so sweet?

now I'm not she is she being nice to continue texting me or is she annoyed with or what. I don't really care whether am I wasting time on her or not. I just don't want to continue to text someone that is annoyed when she is texting me. In a conclusion, should I just move on or still continue to go for her?

i forgot something, we have been texting for 1 and a half week already and she have not being the first 1 to text me yet. maybe yes when she asked me after 3 day how was the waterfall show. and I have not text her for 3 days already since the morning text.


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  • What ended up going on?


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