Engaged senior year before going to college?

So here's the situation *dramatic music* link

You're in high school, a junior. Your boyfriend/girlfriend you've been with for 3 and 1/2 years says to you that they are nervous when you go to college since you won't be together all the time. They suggest that you and them should get engaged during senior year (so about when you've been together for 4 years). They say this based on the fact that it would make them feel better and they really want to truly be with you.

What would YOU do?

Background knowledge before you make up your mind:

- You're top of your class

- Everyone expects the best out of you with everything you do

- You know for a fact that your family will be disappointed and not support it if you do get engaged during high school or soon afterwards.

Comment with your thoughts, situations if you have/had anything like this, and/or what you would do.

Thank you (:


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  • I think you should wait it out because you are getting engaged out of neccesisity instead of because you want to. You want the moment when someone proposes to you to be a special surprise instead of "oh, this will make us closer and make us feel more secure". Let me tell you, when that person is far away, nothing will make you feel closer to them. There is no cure to missing someone except seeing them. If anything, when you get engaged and are far apart, the ring will be a constant reminder of just how much you miss him. Also, it will probably make you depressed if you have no family support.

    I believe you will last as a couple, but only if you let things happen naturally. Also, I believe a little more info in your question would have been helpful. When you say "We won't see each other as much" do you mean you won't be together everyday, but still see each other 2-4 times per week or you will be going to colleges in different states practically? Don't feel the rush to get engaged quickly. You will only grow stronger as a couple if you lend yourselves some time apart and let you grow as people. If anything, this will be a test on your relationship but will make it stronger once you get through it.

    I am young and engaged myself, and I have gotten a lot of sh*t of this site. Yes, it is true that young marriages usually end in divorces, BUT what the people who judge and assume forget to look at is the fact long engagements lead to long marriages. link It blows everything that someone will throw at you out of the water. Hope everything goes well for you!


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  • Not get engaged. Seriously - I am way too young for marriage now, and I'm well out of high school. The only problem is, there's no easy way to explain it to somebody who DOES want to get married/engaged. Just tell them the truth of why you don't want to. If they don't accept it, well, tough for them. Don't negotiate or bargain on this point.

  • Uh I would definitely not get engaged. You're only 18 in senior year! I'm sorry, but it's unrealistic to believe that someone you met in high school will be your life partner. I can almost guarantee you that when you go to college, you'll meet someone who fits you better. You also have to remember that neither of you are emotionally mature yet.

  • You cannot get engaged so soon. I have seen it happen where they get in fights and it causes huge messes. Wait another couple of years or so until you know you are absolutely positive that you want to marry him.


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