Should I or should Not .. ???

ahm. .she is my schoolmate about 2 years younger than me. we are almost 2 years seeing each other in school but not known each other. I found her cute, and attractive but I a bit inhibited beacause of some questions like her social status, can she accept me if I proposed to her when right time comes. . I'm confused, I want to ask her but I'm scared to be rejected. sighs. . . -_-

im confused, right now she does'nt reply 2 my messages. . . .i think I should get over it. . v_v


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  • I think that you should ask her out.


    • I'm kinda shy asking out every girl that I liked,. sighs, .and she's really ignoring my messages now. .i think I'm dumped again . .v_v

  • Get to know her better cause he night get shocked if you propose without knowing you at all.

    So first be her friend then come the others


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