Do mail-order brides and husbands still exist?

Not that I want one 😂 I'm just curious because my friend was talking about my first boyfriend, who was German. And all of a sudden she's like, "I bet Swedish guys would take a mail order from you." I'm like whaaaaat 😂 I didn't think this stuff still existed, but if it does I doubt Europeans do it, and if they do I'm sure they're the ones sending in the orders lol
So this whole thing was a joke but it did make me curious if men still try to get mail order brides.
I figure if it does it's probably electronic now. And aren't they illegal immigrants until you get married, which is after they're here?
I don't know, it's a funny concept to me.
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Nooooo people, I'm not gonna do something like that. Smh
Do mail-order brides and husbands still exist?
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