When is it customary to send out save the dates? To set up a registry? Etc?

A little backstory, my mom has one brother and 2 nieces. My mom never really got along with her brother (or her SIL, she has valid reasons), but I used to be close with my cousins and we spent a lot of time together.
When my grandfather died almost 10 years ago, my mom, uncle, and aunt got into a pretty big fight (over the family business). It drove a wedge between our families and things haven't been the same since. My mom and uncle still work together, so we see him nearly everyday; my aunt (when we see her) is hit or miss whether she is friendly or avoidant, we rarely see my cousins but they are usually avoidant, I haven't spoken to them much since my grandfather died.

Anyways, my cousin got engaged in the spring. My uncle has not spoken a word of it to my mom but she has overheard him say that the wedding is in April.
She is convinced that we will not be invited, but I feel like we still might be. I always wish things were different so maybe I'm just hopeful.

My cousin has been posting her engagement photos on Facebook so I figure a save the date and wedding festivities will be occurring soon.
Typically, how soon in advance are save the dates sent out? Registries set up? Bridal shower invites sent and held?

It's just to settle my own curiosity, I'll hold out hope for an invite until the day of so I'm just trying to save myself the disappointment.
Thanks in advance!
When is it customary to send out save the dates? To set up a registry? Etc?
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