If he gave me his number, does it always mean he's interested?

OK, this may or may not be an obvious question, but I haven't dated/flirted in a while (I was engaged and we broke it off, so I haven't flirted,etc in about 3-4 years, so I'm nervous) but a guy at work I'm friends with told me on instant messenger if I was in the city this weekend to txt/call him and gave me his number.

Guys, if you give a girl your number like that does it always mean your interest or could it mean as friends?


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  • No it doesn't. Did he ask for yours? Unless he asked for yours and made an effort to call you, he's not that into you. The moment you start to call and text him the chase is over.

    • He signed off right after he sent it so I couldn't reply. Do you think I should just act like he never gave it to me or text him like hey what's up? What should I do next?

    • Wait 2 weeks (long time when your anxious;)) and CALL him the chat along the lines of Hey, what's up? Keep the convo general and NO texting. The reason why you call is so you can know exactly his reaction by the way he answers. Is he kind or I'd he thinking whose this chick? Is he hesitant to talk. Does he take time to talk to you or is he in a rush? You know you're in luck when you can get a guy to talk for 10 minutes. If you get answering machine, leave a message. If he doesn't call you

    • After 2 days then he's not interested. Same applies if he sees your caller ID. Txting is just too convenient and doesn't really mean much unless he is a really shy guy or has a ver legitament reason to do so such as at a funeral. So good luck!