Is it too early?

It's only been two weeks since he asked me out, and I of course said yes.

&& he allready told me he could see us getting married and having kids when we get older. =/

What does this mean?

Is he just ready for a long term relationship with me.

Or is he rushing it, or just thinking about the future?


He defiantly hasn't rushed into sex or anything.

We just kissed for the first time yesterday actualy. lol

btw. I'm 16 if that is needed to analyze what ya people think =] haha



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  • Um yeah- that is really early. I would run the other way. He shouldn't even mention stuff like that for at least 6 months or a year.

    Plus you are only 16, which is a lot of time before you need to even start to think about marriage or kids.

    If you like him, you can ignore the comments, but just keep in mind that if he can fall for you that quickly, you can be pretty sure he can turn right around and forget about you that quickly.

    Someone who is serious about a relationship would wait to gauge their feelings before saying anything like that. You can not know a person well enough in two weeks (even a year) to know if you want to be with that person the rest of your life.

    That being said, you guys are 16, and emotions tend to be exaggerated then, and he may just like you a lot and burst out with it without thinking

  • I think at 16, talking about getting married after 2 weeks seems to be rushing it as far as a view on your relationship.

    But as far as physical things, you two are going at a fine pace and as long as he respects you and doesn't try to push you to do something to soon, then it's all good.

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