How soon is too soon?

My fiancee and I just broke up. But if I'm being honest it should of ended long ago. We were together nearly a year and a half and were engaged for only about a month. I should of ended it after the first month, but I thought he'd want to change to keep us together to make us happy... Anyway I've spent a year crying and depressed and feeling unworthy. I know I should of ended it but if you've done it you know how hard it is, especially if you're poor and live together like we are.

What I'm asking is how soon is too soon to begin dating. It sounds terrible- but I've already met someone. We only officially broke up(Facebook status change/telling families/friends) for three days. But we've been more like room mates who have sex occasionally(not for two weeks).

The guy I like was one of the first people to check on me after the break up- and being that I only just met him it came as a surprise. I've been told he was asking about me, and I invited him out casually with friends via Facebook message and he sent back his number

Some people go straight from dating one person to another and staying with them for years

But how many people does this actually happen to... Besides my grandparents who are well over 50 years together

The reason I didn't leave him is back I live in another country from my family and have no money, we live together. I had no money to move out.


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  • i honestly think its important to be single at least twice as long as youve been dating, just so you can actually be a real person and grow an be fine being single are you you or are you just always somebodies girl, why would I want a girl that's just arm candy sure ill f*** her but why would I want anything other then that

    • I get that but our relationship was so bad after the first month that I should only really even count that.

    • well you also go to realize your dating people and they see your past, so you say I should have left him so long ago what they heat is I'm weak and scared to be single that's why I didn't leave him now I need to get in a relationship immediately because I'm not a real person, at least that how I would view the situation

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