Firstly what is the best way to stop during a make out that is still sexy and not lame, like if you are on a date?

also when should you say you are a virgin, how do you tell a guy that you want to lose it to him without freaking him out about how serious the relationship will be?

I'm not saving myself for marriage, I'm 19 and just waiting for the right guy but think I am ready.

If you have dated a virgin how did they tell you and how did you react?

i like indie guys, any idea what they would think about me being a virgin?


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  • Don't worry about freaking him out. If he freaks out, he should be freaked out and you shouldn't be sleeping with him. If he doesn't freak out, that's a good sign.

    In terms of the making out, don't rub his dick unless you're willing to give him a hj as a minimum. You can press your bodies together and kiss or whatever, though if you get into serious grinding you're going to frustrate yourselves. If you're willing to get him off, do whatever you want and just say no to anything you're not up for.

    Guys who want to date you will be glad to be your first. Guys who want to pump and dump will be worried.


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  • If you're ready to have sex with a guy, the issue of you being a virgin is suddenly no longer an issue.

    • I think you should tell a guy if he is taking your virginity so he understands to take things slow. also what about the stop one, is there any good way to say no?

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    • I just mean something witty, to say, because no sounds lame. of course no if he doesn't listen. but a normal guy. What do girls say?

    • Witty is easily confused with playful.

      Don't do that.

  • Just have sex if you want no need to really tell him... if you want to tell him he should respect you and discuss it with him. If he is a good guy he will be cool with it and walk you through it. Wish you luck.


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  • I was 17 when I lost my virginity and I to wasn't sure how I was going to say it so I just said "tell me 3 things I don't know about you" and when it was my turn I just dropped the bomb lol
    But you should DEFINITELY tell him before hand. If he is a decent guy it won't be a problem, if he's not then he doesn't deserve to be your first.
    When it comes to when to stop depends on what you are comfortable doing, like a HJ, BJ etc. But if you're uncomfortable doing any of that then just try and stay as far away from his dick as possible. One way to build up to feel more comfortable is taking it a slight step further each time, it's a lot of fun teasing but don't be to cruel haha I'd say to let him touch you and touch him before actaully sleeping with him to get more comfortable.
    When it comes to the actual sex, don't have to high expectations, when I lost mine I had to stop after 3 min and ran out of the room crying in pain >.< it takes time sometimes and foreplay is key!

  • Tell him as soon as possible. The worse thing (and probably what freaks guys out the most) is realizing that they are not being forced to be someone's cherry breaker. Most guys don't care, contrary to believe and some actually still like being the first. Be honest or you'll end up regretting every action you make. 19 is a good age to have waited to, but remember you can't think you're ready, you have to KNOW. Once it's gone, it's gone forever. And that shouldn't be scary, it just means being honest with yourself as well as your partner. Good luck!