Why does marriage exist?

seems like a rather outdated tradition to me . . . a cheapening of a man or woman's commitment to a relationship through the imposition a contract, enforced by the state. . .

That said, I'm also, admittedly, a rather cynical bastard, at times . . . as such I'd love to see what you guys/girls think!

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  • Well first of all I would think that marriage is something that the Bible talks about. Did you know that the United States has a lot of Christian values? Like the pledge says "under God" in it. Also most of the money in the United States say "In God we trust".

    I think marriage is great for those who can handle it. it is a promise that two people make in front of God, their family and friends and themselves ofcourse. I am married. I never wanted to get married because I was scared of divorce but you know what? I felt super lonely and needed someone there with me. So I got married. Marriage to me, is a way to let the world know that we are committed. When we wear our rings on our ring finger on our left hand, we let others know that we value our love to each other enough to bind it with marriage. It's like we want to obey God but first being married then having sex and living together. Otherwise in the bible fornication is sin.

    Now back to my first point, marriage is something upheld in the bible and through God. Now, I'm sure most people who read the bible would understand what marriage is through God's reasoning. others who do not know God will is for having marriage.

    • So you get married because God told you, and to let other people know that your commited to eachother.

      It seems rediculous to me - surely the personal comitment you have with someone else should not be the concern of other people or God.

      But I'm neither American or a Christian, so maybe I'm missing something; if you have the time, I'd love for you to elaborate (?).

      The problem I have is that the two things seem unrealated . . . ie: a belief in God and your love for another person.

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    • Now, I'm sure your a good natured person, as such I'm sure you have no idea just how insulting you have just been.

      Sinful by nature? That's rather a presumptious thing to say.

      And, if you really believe that, what does that say about your God - We are created sick and COMANDED to be well.

      No, I'm afraid I have much more respect for innate integrity that exists within you, me and everyone else to even consider that.

      Surely the increase in divorce has to be because of the people in them, no?

    • well yes ofcourse there is a divorce because of the people in the marriage. The bible says "all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God" it just means that no is perfect and people sin. Also it says other stuff about being born in a sinful perishable body etc. Anyways, with God we are suppose to have the will to sin less. That's suppose to be why we should marry, to vow to God that we will honor our vows to God. So we have marriage for a symbol of love. That's all

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  • I love the idea of marriage, BUT NOT in a 'I wanna wear a white dress and have a perfect day' kind of idea.

    I don't believe marriage is necessarily for everyone, but the way I see it is this. I have done my 'wild child' where I have had relationships and flings and one night stands..etc etc. But now I am with someone who I love more then anything and I want to spend the rest of my life with him, and have a family. NOW I personally believe that having children with someone is a much bigger commitment, once you have a child with someone, you are connected to that person for life. and MARRIAGE for me is the first step of that commitment.

    I think a lot of people think that marriage is going to be easy, OR the end...but in fact it is the beginning, and it should be worked at everyday, and I still think marriage is a good thing. I just feel a lot of people go into marriage not really for the right reasons. I have watched two marriages fail after a year, and I thought what a waste, why did you even bother.

    • I see your point . . .i just don't think that the institution of marriage can be, or indeed, should be a sufficient cause for commitment . . . in any relationship I would hope would that the other person would be motivation enough . . . making marriage pointless (?)

      That lends me to agreement with you when you look at some broken marriages as a waste . . . in such cases its seems marriage becomes less of a process of prolonging the life of love, and more of a mummification of its corpse.

    • Yeah I see your point in your last bit. I wouldn't want to get married to someone if I wasn't 100% sure, if I had any doubts at all, I wouldn't. And yes being with the person is enough, but if it makes sense, I want to be HIS wife, and I would like him to be MY husband. I want to share his name, because I love him and only want him. Which is why we is getting it done in a registry office rather then some fancy hotel.

    • Well, I have to say . . . yours is the only attitude I would want to have if I were to ever marry another person . . . because, honestly, its the only that makes any real sense . . . Its rather sentimental . . . but it seems more of a voluntary, and as such, more attractive than any other I've seen.

      So good luck to you and whomever you do marry . . . and thankyou for your time.

      Its bin a pleasure :)

  • Other than to ensure children have parents around for the next 18 years or so, I see little use for it myself. It's not about love, it's about a contract, fear and security.

    • Thats, more or less, my view as well.

    • Though I do appreciate that "eternal feeling of love" I've had for people (and as how many a movie ends with a marriage), I know that it's just a wonderful feeling that best not be shadowed and proven with a contract.

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  • the reality is that men marry the state that they live in, the woman just comes with the deal for a few years till things go sour then youve got an angry vindictive bitch who wants to rob you blind and remove your children from your life just because things didn't work out and the state who enables her to do so with unnerving efficiency at gun point, literally.

    getting married, living with a woman or even allowing her to put a few cloths in your closet is the fast track to state enforced indentured servitude, for life!

    this will happen to more then half of all men who marry no one knows which half you'll be in but to believe your going t be the ones who make it is just idiotic at best, this doesn't even count the marriage's that end due to disease or death, or the ones that stay together and spend their lives hating each other. getting married for men now days is a RAW deal and not worth it if you even remotely consider the risks

    imo marriage shouldn't exist in our modern culture in its current form,as it is now its nothing more then female privilege.

    • you sound like you've had a bad experience . . . I can't make any comment from that point of view . . .but I don't understand how it could be detrimental for one sex and not the other.

    • ive never been married so no personal experience or axe to grind I've just done a lot of reading on the subject. the reason why its good for one an bad for the other is the biased legal system in all westernised countries. they favor women in every possible way a man in family court will be utterly raped.

    • Wow . . . that's not exactly encouraging the here . . . thanks for the heads up haha.

      I appreciate your time mate.

  • Its just a formality because there isn't a better way yet and we're stuck, culturally.

    It WAS a way of obtaining property (a bride or money/power for the bride).

  • It's how we keep track of property and have someone legally speak on our behalf when we're incapacitated.