I was stupid enough to fantasize that it was fate. Men in early 30s' answers are appreciated?

When we first met, I had no intention of flirting with him. We spoke a lot, he felt like a friend. He was the one with all the initiative but me, surprisingly stupid at that situation, didn't get he was interested in me.

But then, he asked me out, but, I had my own situation. I am married woman and a mom. He couldn't probably have guessed, because I look young to be a mom or even to be married and have a pretty successful career. Also, since I had no intention of flirting with him, I didn't speak of my personal stuff.

But then, boom... I fell for him.

I was actually visiting his law firm in a different city which is far from where I live and we never dated. After that, We exchanged some emails, and I kept falling for him, but I had to do what I got to do.

I told him how sorry I am and about my marriage. But, the outcome was not really the one I expected, he said he doesn't care. And his emails popped up in my inbox as he wished, like no reply to my previous email for about a month, then like just saying hi, how have you been and with a smiley. Of course, his intention is obvious, but I was stupid enough to fall for him. /sigh/

Weirdly our last 4 digits of phone number was identical and I was stupid enough to fantasize that it was fate.

And I keep wondering why I still miss his oh so deep blue eyes. I know I am not 18 anymore. And it feels crazy as it sounds.

But tell me please what should I do


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  • Ashamedly, I know exactly what you're going through because I'm going through the same exact thing! It's very hard to just forget about him because he sends your heart racing and that makes you want to think about him more! You and I both know it's wrong to act upon this and I know I would be devastated if I found my husband was doing something similar. So I wish I could help you figure out how to just forget this other guy, but hopefully knowing that there is someone to commiserate with helps a little!

    I have been trying to do more with my husband so that the spark would be stronger between us. And I think of how much it would hurt to have the view that my kids have of me severely tarnished. I'm hoping the crushlike feelings will just go away.

    • Yeah, I hope it goes away soon enough, so that I can continue with my life normally. And Thanks, it was nice to have a comment from someone who shares experience.

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  • Forge about hi, we are never too old to have a crush but that's all this is. Don't be angry with yourslef but don't be foolish either.

    • The answer that I wanted to hear and not to hear at the same time. Ugh, hope I will recover soon.

    • Give yourself the time youneed and don't be down on yourself.

  • this guy wants a fling is that worth trading your marriage for? is something missing in your marriage or is this just a crush?

  • That scumbag is not worth your marriage. He obviously does not care about you if he's willing to ruin your marriage just so he can f*** you.

    • Isn't he?! He just wants to f***. You don't know how many times I have been telling myself that exact same sentence.

    • It sickens me to know he still wanted to meet you even though you are married with kids. People like him should be exterminated.

  • Decide if you want to have your cake or eat it.

    • You could tell your husband and let the issue resolve itself.

    • Please tell me that 4 digit thing is fate :) haha. I feel frustrated and am even sarcastic even to myself right now. Thanks for the answer.

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