What are the odds I will die without getting married?

I've dated different women throughout my life, and I've been told that it is weird I am a virgin. The internet has given me a 9.6 rating out of 10 on photo rating sites. Due to having a very busy life between work, volunteer ESL teaching, working out, reading and so forth I rarely have time to pursue any social endeavors. Truthfully I prefer it that way, as I am extremely quiet.

If I like a woman I will ask her out and in terms of relationships I have very traditional views. I was raised to always hold the door for a lady, never curse in front of a woman, dress nicely on a date and to always pay the check. I don't personally believe in sex before marriage, but I don't really care about a woman's sexual past unless she has a history of rampant casual sex, psychologically abusive tendencies or has ever cheated.


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  • You sound like a very decent guy. Obviously I don't know the ins and outs of the way you behave what you like/dislike but I can only go off this. If my father, (who is a total recluse and if my mum hadn't married him, would have become a hermit), can get married then you have a VERY high chance of doing so. There's nothing wrong with being quiet, some girls like a quiet guy and it's not like you've never been out with a woman before. If you had and you'd got to this age, then yes you might have some problems, but I think you'll be perfectly fine in the marriage stakes.

    • I have some friends, but most of the women that flirt with me are only interested in how I look or why I have a scar. Apparently women see me as 'casual sex' guy -_-

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