Should I expect him to feel anything?

My boyfriend and I have been serious for over a year. We are both in our latest thirties, he has never been married.He recently attended a wedding of two of his friends in Mexico. I asked him how he felt being at the wedding ? His response was that he enjoyed seeing his friends get married.

Should I expect my boyfriend to feel something as a result of having witnessed the marriage of two of his closest and much younger friends?


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  • They're your expectations (or not) and no one is going to be able to tell you if you have them or not except for you. Are you saying that you want to have a right to expect him to be touched by the wedding? Perhaps consider its relevance in his own life?

    • I think your final question was exactly what I was trying to ask but I should have been clearer, I meant we have been in a serious relationship for a year , very intimate and I was wondering if the wedding led him to consider our relationship and eventual just didn't seem to phase him that way. I know that everyone has their own perception .

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