I may be leaving for all the wrong reasons!

HELP!...I have been dating a guy for the last 5 years and moved in with him 4 months ago...and we are engaged and talked about marriage. I was renting from him a house he bought when I moved into the city that he lives in and then he sold it and moved me in with him...not my choice to move in with him...would have lived on my own for the time being...but he needed the funds from the house cause he bought an acreage and is building out there. And rental places are sky high where we live...I was told that I don't need to worry about paying any bills for the house just take care of my own car bills (gas..etc..) helping my daughter that moved with me continue her education (grade 12 and now university) expenses. We moved in. Two months ago I fell and broke my wrist...so no income coming in on my part - my daughter working casual and I was delivering advertising papers and another full time job...my boyfriend could care less that I had no income...his words were "don't expect me to bail you out and why do you think I should help you"...DA! cause I thought that is what people do when they love one another...whoops my mistake...or is it?...well now I had to figure out a way to make a few extra dollars...so I picked up 4 more advertising routes(with the help of my daughter) - and we wait 6 weeks to get paid for the monthly routes...SO... .guess who helps me out buying a few groceries for the month...without any hesitation- my daughter! She would buy food for the house with what she made and that was not very much and guess what he would eat it too and complain at times when she did not buy the product name that he likes (we can live with that)...however...now I need therapy for my wrist - the first consultation was $75 for 20 min (which was paid from my advertising route) and I need therapy twice a week which will cost $100 a week...I told him this and do you think he offered to help me...NOPE!...so I can not go to therapy...cause the fee is paid at every visit...

Now ... for the last 3 days I was so sick that I could not get out of bed...and if I tried I was in so much pain - back, stomache, legs and headaches. And I had 700 advertising papers to get out and my daughter asked my boyfriend to help - guess what he refused. She called one of her friends and no questions asked came to help!...and I needed a heating pad - and asked if he could get me one(we only live 5 minutes away from a drug store) - he looked at me as if I was from another planet. I just knew that he would not do it for me...so I waited to see what he would do - he went into the kitchen and made himself something to eat and then into the living room to watch TV...I waited for an hour and then dragged myself out of bed - got dressed but could hardly walk...he asked me what I was doing - I looked at him and in a very quiet voice I said I need that heating pad and why is it so hard for you to get it for me...he then went...



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  • This guy is very selfish. I could tell he was bad news from "not my choice to move in with him," and he just sounded worse and worse the more I read. Making you move in with him was not right on his part. If he truly loves you he should respect your wishes and not force you to move in with him if you weren't ready for that.

    Add to that the fact that he wasn't willing to help you out when you needed it most, is a definite sign that he's no good. You're right, when you're in a loving committed relationship (especially if you're engaged or married), you're supposed to help each other. He cared more about sitting on his lazy ass to watch TV than getting you what you need to feel better when you're too sick to do it yourself. It sounds like you're probably putting more effort into the relationship than he is, and that will probably only get worse as time goes on. Think about it really hard... is this what you want to deal with for the rest of your life? Knowing that your husband cares more about TV than your needs? I think you can do better...

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