He is too attached only after 2 months?

So I've been seeing this guy for 2 months now and he asked me to be his girlfriend on the 4th date. We've been exclusive for 2 months and I thought I really liked him at first, but now I'm beginning to think he is way too full on. He has already mentioned the future, saying things like he only wants a long term relationship and he doesn't want to 'waste his time'. He also says he really wants kids and marriage one day.

He is only 22 and I'm 20 and I am so not ready to even be talking about a future with him. I told him I wanted to take things slow and I'm not ready for anything too serious. I think he really wants to be serious with me. I can now feel myself pulling away from him. I'm scared by how fast he has fallen for me.

The other night we got drunk and he told me that he cares about me too much and he should be more like me and 'care less'. I like him but I just wish he would be more easy going.

Is it possible that he likes me too much at this stage and has gotten too attached? I think he has started to notice me pulling away, now he has been trying to make me kiss him more and stuff like that.

Some advice would be appreciated!


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  • i had almost the same thing happened to me... with the difference that we were not even dating or were not even girlfriend and bf...but he was saying he is really likes me and was talking about future without even know that I like him or not!

    after I rejected him...after 6 months I've got his marriage news! :D that proved me he really was going to get married.

    i think you need to talk to him so frankly and seriously, like you say you don't want everything goest this fast, and if you are in relationship with him doesn't mean you are going to be married and start a life together. then if he really needs to get married and build a life, maybe you can stop your relationship before he goes too deep and hurt you both. if he could understand u, then you would go through slower to see what will happen on the way :)


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  • i am just like him and believe me there's nothing wrong with taking things slow and if he loves you that's OK but if he actually loves you as much as he says he will wait for you to feel the same

    • He hasn't actually told me he loves me yet, but he has told me how much he likes me and he has talked about the future with me. The problem is I have told him I want to take things slow and let them progress naturally. Maybe he just doesn't get it and I have to tell him again?

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  • they say women move fast but I have noticed some guys do too! A year ago I was "talking" to this guy...after 2 dates he started talking about the future and getting married and kids. When he was drunk he would ask me to marry him all the time. When he was sober, he says he can say anything in his heart when he is drunk. We weren't even in a relationship at that point. He was 21 and I was 22. I couldn't take it and I ran. I am glad I did. We didnt' want the samethings from life at the sametime. You have tell him how you feel. If you like what you both have now, just tell him that. It is too soon to say anything about the future.

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