Rules of Engagement with a Shy Guy.... Help Me Please!!!!

So there's this shy guy that I've gone out with a couple of times but things are moving kinda slow...dirt slow is more like it. It took him almost three months to kiss me. He's still consistent in initiating time with me. If I say I want to do something, he'll make sure that that we do it, but very seldom does he initiate anything on his own. We talk regularly and he's said repeatedly that he's interested but nothing.

What type of signals can I throw out that to let him know that I truly like him and want things to move forward between us? How can I encourage him to step it up without coming off in the wrong way?

I guess being super patient is the key. My guy and are together and things are wonderful. He takes the lead and initiates. I guess he just really needed time to get comfortable with me.


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  • have you talked to him about this specifically? or maybe you don't have to talk, you could be flirty and say something like, "you know sometimes I want you to just grab me and kiss me like this" and then do it. maybe he will catch on and start to come around and take control

  • If he's anything like me, signals won't do anything. (I'll say this as if it were me). I'm oblivious, it's that simple. I don't and won't pay attention to "signs" or "signals", for whatever reason. Maybe I'm lazy, maybe I just miss them. So just be obvious; say "kiss me" or something. Even guys like me would get the hint at that point!


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