If you do want to get married, are you getting married because....

As above.

The reason I wanted to ask this is because my friend and I was discussing this earlier tonight after my other friend said he asked his girlfriend's father's permission to marry his daughter (have her hand in marriage), and how the father was surprised, as it is quite a religious thing to do (the father is a Christian, but my other friend is an atheist).

Me and my friend were intrigued to find out more about the reason for people getting married. His option is D. My option would be D, plus security and commitment.

  • Of religious reasons
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  • Your family or their family expects you to (otherwise living together is frowned upon)
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  • You have access to property rights and/or financial benefits (e.g. married couple tax allowance)
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  • You like/love the other person and would like to spend the rest of your life with them and believe they are "the one"
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  • Other (please specify/state/comment)
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  • I married my girlfriend of 11 years because I loved her, not for any other reason. We've been married now for 2 years and have a daughter together which is the greatest blessing in the universe. Other people do get married for other reasons as mentioned in your poll, I wonder how most of those work out, maybe that should be a featured question.

    • I'm not sure if I worded this question the wrong way? I think the under-laying thing is you marry someone because you love them, but the other thing which me and my friend discussed was he felt not many people now get married, and for those who do he felt it's option D but with all the other options thrown in. Also, a lot of people just move in together and never get married. I like your suggestion of a follow up question.

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  • If I'm not completely in love, I wouldn't even consider marriage. Marriage is a huge all-around commitment. Emotionally, financially, mentally, hell even physically. It is a full life time commitment in every aspect of life. So I would have to be so absolutely certain that this person really is the person I'm going to spend my life with. Religion, family, friends, social pressures, tax incentives, etc. none of it would be able to convince me to marry somebody. The only thing that could convince me is a long term relationship filled with love and understanding.

  • D only.

    And I'd probably ask a woman's father too as it seems proper :P or maybe not ask them, but tell em I wish to.


What Girls Said 1

  • D: You like/love the other person and would like to spend the rest of your life with them and believe they are "the one"