Drunk proposal. How should I take it?

Back story: he was a customer that bought lunch from me at my job. He came back and asked for my number the same day. He asked me out on a date that night. Since then we've seen each other every day or every other day but only for a month. It's going well I do like him a lot. I went with him to a graduation party for his cousin that's our age and we were drinking. I had to drive myself home so I didn't drink hardly. He did and got a little intoxicated and I decided to drive him home. I didn't think he was that drunk. He was telling me how to get from his cousins house to his and we were talking. Then we got quiet on a long road and he just says,"marry me." and I pretended like I couldn't hear him over the music lol and started singing and we talked about other stuff. The next day he said he didn't realize how drunk he got and he didn't remember the ride home. So I don't know what to think?!


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  • that's one hell of a scenario:) your story is great...anyways I was laughing on how easy there in western countries for a guy to be with a girl and to love each other...i thought your story is going to being and end like that: "he entered and ordered lunch than he took my number than he dated me than he asked me for marriage the 2nd day and than after 9 months we had our 1st baby and now he's at school and here we are, everything happened just by ordering lunch:))"

    anyways if he was drunk than you can't take his words seriously and you must remind him of what he said that night, and if he really wanted to marry you than he will ask you again and if not that he was just throwing words without knowing what he's saying...

    there is nothing weird or to wonder about, just ask him the truth...and since you will begin this conversation than you will make it a lot easier on him to say the things that he hides in his heart since you opened your heart for him and ready to see what he wants, so now is the time and he must use this chance and if he didn't than he lost and never actually meant what he said that night when he was drunk...

    anyways good luck and I wish you the best! take care...

  • You've only been going out for a month so I doubt he was being serious. You probably said something at the time that he really agreed with. He'll I've said "marry me" to girls before and it's always been a joke!

    • Shame on you Boobman! Girls take that very seriously. You could break a heart or two doing that. No, seriously. they will never tell you, but joking or not, young girls will think you mean it. Be careful with that.

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    • No he's not a weirdo. This makes him a weirdo?

    • I don't think so, because I doubt he's being serious. My advice is just forget about it. It doesn't mean anything.

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