She start to look at me since two years in class but when i proposed her then she she reject me?

actually I m topper of my class and will be silver medilist after 1 years inshAAllah

that girl started to looking at me some times she show her hair some times she show me her mobile.i m a very handsome and very very very shy boy all guys are know that I hv lack of confidence and very gental goodlooking boy.when ever I look her I saw she was just looking at me day I decided to talk her and go behind her she was with two her friends when she looked behind she smille and her friend also were smilling.and talk with them and make her speed slow when she come close to me then my friend ask her that I want to talk with you she said OK tell me. I said her I want to be frienship with you she said no I said why and why and what is reason cz she creat feeling in me by hard try she said I have nothing in her hurted much I didn't talk much due to shyness my friend told me may be they made you fool.but I couldn't bleave because all they respect me much cz I m topper handsome and gental man and usaully I not looked at girls.what I do and why she made like that plzzzz helpppppp me plzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzz


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  • I'm sure one day your modesty will be rewarded. Come to think of it, maybe today was that day!

  • She probably didn't have feelings for you

    And you don't propose to someone you barely know