Its his cousin! What do I do?

I watch very carefully who my fiancée talks to. But he has this cousin of his, who is always texting him, always leaving comments on his myspace like on the pictures of us she will say OH MY GOD, you are so cute!

WTF! It pisses me off. So what do I do?


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  • wow

    if I were your

    bf and I found

    out you get pissed

    cause I'm talking

    to my family

    id lose you. on purpose


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  • I don't think there's necessarily anything wrong with someone talking regularly to a cousin. So she thinks you two are a cute couple. What's wrong with that?

    On a different note, why are you engaged to someone you feel as if you have to watch very carefully? If you're this worried about him now, you'll be ten times more worried after you marry him.

  • why would it piss you off.that doesn't make any sense. And why are you watching him carefully.Trust issues seem to be your problem.

    His cousin is leaving comments and your mad? why?

  • relaxe nothing wrong with it , don't worry too much its okay because she his cousin and he loves you not her think like this who'll marry at the end its you .


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