My boyfriend hung out with another girl?

We dating for over two and a half years and just recently some girl that works in the same building said that she Hung out with him. I confronted him and he said that she is lying. Then he said oh yea we hung out it was no big deal. He said she got out of a bad relationship and needed someone to talk to. Should I be mad Because he didn't tell me or just let it go? He said he would not be mad if I Hung out with another guy. She is also making up other rumors about him being a player and being engaged. She wants to know everything about our relationship. Also he didn't tell her he had a girlfriend Because he said he doesn't tell people about his personal life. He said it starts drama at work. Should I believe him or her? What should I do?

He wants me now tell that girl that we broke up. He claims that he wants to see where she goes with her stories because he wants to get her on harassment. He doesn't want to be tell her anything else and I should trust him on this that it is not what I think.


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  • lol if someone has nothing to hide they don't lie about it if I hung out with a girl there is no way that the girl would tell you about it because I would have told you about it...I can bullsh*t


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