The love affair of my husband..after 20 years of marriage?

Id like to hear an opinion from men, do you think my husband is playing me? He told me that I am number one, but he has a younger girlfriend, that he told me about, and he said it is normal that men have more then one women in their life. I told him that he should end it with that woman, because I love him and we are together 20 years, and he told me not to mind it. When I told him I am tired and I have enough and that it hurts me, and told him I will not stand in the way, he answered that I am the one who wants to destroy the marriage.

yes we have two kids together


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  • Don't be sad, but he's an asshole! I mean why would he go searching for another lady, aren't you enough for him, besides I have to say NO! a real man needs only one lady in all his life...because that's real love, but have you sat with him and asked him if there is something bothering him or he wants something from you that he's not able to say it, try to help him out and if you realize that he just want to switch you with her than he's just unfaithful and wants just to dump you but don't know how, I really don't know why would he ever do this so a nice women like you...but I think that most good women's goes to bad men and most good men goes to bad women, it's so wrong...but one more thing, if he really wants to stay that way than it's your opinion and your call on either you leave him or just stay and being hurt, I mean it's true that someone will do just anything to save his/her marriage but it only works if both wants to save their marriage and not just 1, anyways I wish you all luck and I'm really sorry for what's happening and take care!


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  • I couldn't imagine accepting that kind of behavior at all. I agree with with what has been said so far.

  • He's manipulating you because apparently you are so vulnerable and hooked in. He knows that and using it aganst you. I understand it must be hard to leave him especially if you had kids together. But, I have to say, it's a choice that you consider because he doesn't respect you, deserve you or even love you. He's an abuser and wants to destroy your self-esteem.

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