I don't understand her, remarries after 2 months & before divorce?

My wife well Ex kinda see she is getting a divorce after her affair with my best er ahem ex best friend.

She is STILL MARRIED to me. We have been apart 2 months and she claims that I was emotionally abusive, physically abusive, and mentally abusive?

She was the one who abused me she use to hit me all the time, but who'd believe a man being abused by a women right?

Anyway she's told me that she is getting re-married to my ex friend the one she had an affair with?

Idk but marriage is the LAST thing in the world I want to do after being with her. Never again hell no not in a million billion years.

What does it say about her that she is getting remarried BEFORE the divorce and only after 2 months of separation and only 1 month of knowing this guy. (I introduced them when she moved to my duty station, so since its across the country from her house she'd never met him before)

what is her deal? if she was in such a poor marriage with me why remarry so absurdly quick?


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  • Soldiers are the most cheated on people, they really get screwed over, partly because they are total white knights they probably do everything for a woman and pee sitting down so they don't have to lift the toilet seat up. I would cut my losses and get as far away from her as you can right now, then start learning about women the stuff they don't teach in the army, and choose a good one


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  • She sounds like a serial user and someone who can't be alone. I've had exes who just bounce around like ping pong balls and would end up killing themselves if they had to be alone. Totally reflects on her and not on you at all. I had a rough situation with the last girl I lived with but she didn't cheat on me, my condolences. My advice is to just cut her out of your life completely so that you can move on. I know that's painful, but any other way will be more painful in the long run.

  • I don't care... let the bitch go... she ain't worth the trouble... Let the bitch go

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