Will he come around? What do I do? :/ Please help..

Me and my ex was together a year very very close happy relationship were engaged and I'm 10 weeks pregnant. We do obviously argue as any relationship does but last night he went weird all of a sudden and started saying something about him not sleeping until his body completely shuts down I had no idea what was going on.. Then he said he had to go and its nothing personal I said if he leaves were over as he does this quiet a lot he came back and sat and spoke to me saying things he apparently couldn't cope with really stupid things I do like telling him my problems, I have to have contact with my other ex over my little boy) and my recent ex says he feels like he has my problems as well as his own which I think is a really selfish thing to say :/ , I said have a baby on the way and he said another thing I can't handle.. Then he got up and left... he text me on the way home saying this isn't him splitting up with me and that I will find the right person soon etc... I text him today and he says its over and sad faces and I asked him to tell me to leave him alone then and he put that with other things like (you said you would change every time we sort things) SO I said to him if you can write leave me alone without anything else I will and he did :/... Nothing about the kid and nothing about me...

Do you think he will come round? every time I have to chase him or call him and beg and I'm really fed up of it, he has come round every time he's said/done this but I don't wanna chase but if I don't he doesn't we only split up last night but still... What do I do? :((((


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  • Not that I can make complete sense of what you're saying, but as I see it, this relationship has been doomed from the start.

    It seems like he got engaged because of the pregnancy, or he felt that was the right thing to do.

    And it sounds like you had the same scenario with your previous relationship.

    I don't think he will come back, and I don't think you can count on him. What your priority needs to be is figuring out why you are finding yourself in these situations, since there seems to be a clear pattern.


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