What is wrong with my ex fiance?

About me:

I'm a nice, sweet, christian young lady. I'm very honest sometimes to honest. I'm beautiful, intelligent, I'm not perfect but I'm willing to put in the work in my relationship

Okay here goes: Me and this guy met back in college in 2004, we were always nice to each other in passing on campus. In 2008, we started dating and it seemed like Heaven sent. Seven months into the relationship I called a break because we argued a lot. He slept w/someone and begged me 2 take him back after a month I did. During 2009 he messed around 3x. I would ask for a break because he was very argumentative. We broke up for 3 weeks, and reunited and he proposed without ever telling me he slept with someone else while I was on a break with him for sleeping with the 3 girl. During our engagement I traveled with him because of his job. Both grandparents died last year and he began to push me away. 2 months b4 wedding he called it off. I constantly asked him b4 if he wanted to get married he said yes. When we got engaged we were very happy We broke up in March 2011, but we continued to talk. He started sleeping with a co-worker and now they are great friends after 2 months, but he is cold, distant, and won't talk to me. He's a very emotional guy and when I tell him about my feelings or tell him about his wrong actions he just get cold, and starts talking negative about me like you not like my other female friends, you judge me, you don't have my best interest

During March-May 2011, he told me he just wants to get himself together, love himself, and know himself, and left me with a maybe we'll get back together. He told me I was the best thing that has ever happen to him, I truly understand me, e.t.c. If I'm uplifting him or encouraging him we could talk, but not talk about feelings. The last time I seen him he shed tears, apologized, and told me not to count him out. We talked a lot and the next morning I texted him something about my feelings and if there is a future for us, and he called and told me to just move on and trust God, but he never answered my question.

He was my first love. So why is he treating strangers better and treating me like crap? He's been hurt in the past b4 but I was always honest?

I know I have to move on, but are we done forever?

When I text him last night and asked him if he's mad at me he said "no, I'm a different person and that's all I have to say. God bless you" What does all this mean?


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  • 1. Christians p*ss me offff

    2. Wow, aren't you modest, nice self description.

    3. When he wants attention and he can't get it from others - you come in.

    4. Move on


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  • maybe he's taking you for granted and doesn't feel like he needs to be nice to you bcause he has you

    • Yeah because now I told him how I felt about him already sleeping with, establishing a bond, and trust with another woman in the same month him and I broke up. The next day he called to tell me how we are not right for each other and now he has turned cold again and ompletely shut me out. All because emotions between us ran high again, but its to be expected when you give another woman you just met in a month the level of trust and bond I had and him and I were still communicating at the time

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