What to tell her to keep her from leaving?

so I have a bad situation with my best friend, she told me ever since she broke of the engagement everybody at church has been avoiding her. There are only a few people that care about her, me and another friend. She told me that she might stop going because of it. Since I go every other week, I told her that she could go every other week that way she's with me and I can protect her. She said that she will think about it. It's going to kill me if I go that much longer without seeing her. What do I tell them? What do I tell her to keep her from leaving?


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  • Good for you for looking out for her like that. You sound like a good friend.

    Well it seems that your church group is a little inquisitive. Although you may feel obligated to give them an explanation, don't feel pressured to give up any information that isn't their business. Although religion is a great tool for forgiveness, many use it as an excuse to judge others. If this sounds like your church group, keep the details to yourself. If your friend feels that by talking through the problem with her church group she can help get over this problem, then maybe she could talk to them about it. A church should always want to support it's members. She should not feel attacked in what is supposed to be a safe haven.

    Although this sounds cliche, I recommend that she give it some time. Gossiping is a human flaw that even church-goers are susceptible to every once in a while, and hopefully they will loose interest soon. If not, maybe leaving is what's best for her.

    • if she leaves I'm going to leave with her, because I can't be without her.

    • I understand that for you two, leaving is a last resort. But whatever happens, I'm sure you will be fine together.

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