How do you get over getting betrayed by a friend?

My good friend and I were attracted to each other, we admitted that much. He was engaged to a girl half-way across the world and was having trouble on that front. Nevertheless we kept things strictly friendly, NOTHING beyond friends physically. I admit there was probably emotional cheating going on. Anyway, lately he started acting weird all of a sudden and I eventually put two and two together that his fiancee had come to stay. He never said a word to me and has dropped off the face of this earth. I think this is cowardly, especially since we were such close friends before. I now am left to believe that HE led me on for 3 months, using my feelings for him as a tool to keep me around because he felt lonely, as a space filler until his fiancee got here. This still does not make sense to me because I thought we had a genuine friendship. I now find him to be a coward and realize that he probably was hiding behind his "devout christian" religion to deny any wrongdoing towards his fiancee on his part. I feel betrayed, not because he is getting married but because I thought he was my friend. I have decided that he is out of my life. I will not talk to him and I hope to not see him anytime soon, though since we share a workplace, that could be hard. I feel so empty, like I can't trust anyone. The loss of a friend I feel is worse that the loss of a me to get over this! any and all advice would be much appreciated!


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  • Well after some time you'll forget about it. As for now, just try to get out and be with other people. People do messed up stuff all the time, that's just life for you.


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  • Try focusing on other things, the good things in your life. Even though it may seem impossible sometimes to stop thinking about it, you just have to keep trying to shove it to the back of your mind and tell yourself your over it and better for it. Don't ignore the fact that it happened, but don't let it rule how you feel about yourself and everyone else around you. Use this experience to guide you instead on whether you deem people worthy of your trust.

    And yeah, it'll help a lot if you go out with other people that you do trust, to remind you that one bad egg doesn't mean the whole bunch is spoiled.

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