You don't think he's going to propose do you?

i'm kinda worried that he's heading in that direction...

First, he's in his late 20's and stated many times that he's ready to settle down and that he wants a family. And I'm in college, just about finished with my degree and nowhere near wanting a family or to be settled down. I feel like my life is still so up in the air.

And lately, I keep getting the feeling that he's hinting at marriage:

- I was saying how I was worried about not being able to find a job and he laughs and says, worst case scenario is you can always marry me

-Many times he's said that he's can take care of me and that I won't have to work

-He's asked me if I'm ready to be a mom and take care of kids

I'm just a bit worried because we seem to be on different pages in our lives. I care about him sure, but I don't want that stuff now. maybe someday, but not now. And we're only been dating since last nov.

What do you guys think?


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  • He is obviously throwing hints at you...

    But as you are clear about what you want in life,it will be easy for you...

    If you don't want to loose him and still want everything to be perfectly fine,

    Talk...! Make your intentions clear and try to make him understand...

    Living in ignorance is never good...


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  • If he does propose you can just tell him "no" and explain why. If he likes you enough he will stay with you regardless of your rejection


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  • he seems to like you enough to want to marry you.

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