She broke up with me because I was pressuring her?

We dated for over 3 years and took two breaks where she needed to figure out life. In both these cases I sent a letter then she came back on her own. This time I was starting a new job and buying a house and began to pressure her about marriage. Of coarse this turnered her off and she because to pull away. I was overwhelmed and was listening to friends advise and not what I truly felt. We ran into each other 2 weeks after we broke up and I gave her a letter saying I was not myself and sorry for the way I made her feel. It's been 4 weeks since then and I called her to see how she was doing then left a quick upbeat message. I've always been patient but feel that the spark would be back if we just got coffee or takes once. Not sure where to go from here?


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  • If you were dating 3 years and she is that offput that you're talking about marriage ... she might not be the one for you.

    • Makes sence. I would like to say it was me pressuring her but I was pretty much giving her an ultimatum and agruing about it alot. I felt this way based on advise from close friends which I quickly realized afterward was not what I felt at all. Through this arguing for 3 weeks she even still wanted to help me move and go through this.

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  • After 3 years, SHE should being wanting to marry. It doesn't sound like she is the ONE for you. Sorry.

    • She wanted to move in before should would get married so she would know for sure. I was being redicilious saying that wasn't an option now. I screwed up and was being unreasonable with her.

    • Its real cute when people change their story, or tell the rest of the truth after people start giving them advise. Good luck with that.