Being or getting married?

How do you guys(as in everyone) feel about marriage. I know I'm under 18 and its kinda too early to be thinking about marriage and stuff. But I have a feeling after I finish college and get my self together in the future I will meet my perfect someone and have 3 or 4 kids and only be married ONCE and every day will feel like the first date or time me and my husband got together. And picking out my wedding dress and the food and the reception and everything about it is just so wonderful, I am so happy to meet my special someone. I don't believe in fairy tales even though they are so sweet and cute, I do believe in fate and finding your soul mate.

I just wondered it anyone else had ever thought about getting married and the wedding and your perfect someone and maybe even having your own family.And If you did/ or do tell me about it. I feel kid of alone.


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  • I don't plan on getting married.

    But I do wonder what my perfect wedding dress would be etc.

    My advice would be not to get too obsessed about finding the 'right' person because you can miss your life going past when you're focusing so hard on finding something very rare.

    • I know. I'm not like obsessed, but when I see happy married couples it just crosses my mind.

      How come you don't plan on getting married?

    • aww I know what you mean about seeing happily married couples...naaaw!

      I don't plan on it because I do not believe there is any man out there that is right for me and who can tolerate me, I'm so stubborn and fickle and I'm never going to change.

      But I won't object if it does happen though, it would be a sign from God if I did find the 'perfect' guy because I don't believe he exists!

      but alls I'm sayin is should it happen, great! if not, my life won't be any less valuable.

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  • I love daydreaming about it. Not that I live in a fantasy wedding/future world, but I like to pass the time with it. I think about all the little details, and I enjoy it. You're never too young to think about it, it's not like you're really planning it!

    • Don't let the guys know that you do it though. They get freaked out so easily over marriage and stuff! (well, most do ;) )

    • lol :)

      What do you daydream about when you think about getting married?

  • You're not alone hunn, me and my boyfriend talk about a future together, a wedding, kids, jobs... It gives us sumet to look forward to and it keeps our relationship strong.

    • :) thanks sweet and cute.

      Do you ever feel like you two are kinda rushing it?