Is it true you never know what you lose until it's gone?

OK I have a cousin who was with this girl for 3 years and had a bad breakup. she moves out of state, loses all contact with him and now 2 years later I sees her again today in town and wants to "talk" to her. problem is she's now engaged and getting married next month. he wouldn't marry her back then and didn't want to change but now seeing her 2 years later makes him rethink his decision? what's up?


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  • It's not necessarily the loss that annoys him. Apparently, she moved on got enagaged and about to get married. To a guy that means she has become better since they broke up. That hurts because it means you're still suffering while the other found his way out. Not necessarily love but regret ;-)

    • Thanks for the BA :)

    • np. your the only one who answered but it was still good :)

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