Is He Planning to Propose?

This is for both guys and girls... feel free to answer! All opinions welcome.

I have been dating my boyfriend for two years next month. We have also known each other for 12 years and dated previously so we have a long history of friendship and love. We are both in our 30's and stable financially and in our careers.

Recently, our talks have centered around our "future" together -- and he has told me that he thinks I am "the one" that he is planning a future with me -- and so forth. He is quite traditional and doesn't believe in living together before marriage.

That being said... I think he's planning to propose? What do you think?

Here are the hints:

- checking my hands/fingers often -- and smiling when he sees that I have a ring on my ring finger (on my right hand not left)

- openly discussing our future together

- being really domestic -- buying BBQs, no longer hanging out with the guys...

- has furnished his house (he owns his own house) and has included me in all the purchase decisions

- focusing on his career and stability

- talking about our future together -- long term plans and so forth

Now... this past weekend things have gotten a bit wierder... and I think his family knows something is up -- and/or they are putting pressure on him to propose:

- I was helping him around the house and his mother (who adores me and I her) noted that he was so lucky to have me in his life -- and then glared at him quite obviously

- she pulled me aside and had a 1-on-1 talk about how her son adores me... loves me... and how grateful she is for having me in his life... also refers to me as now being "part of the family"

- she also pulled me aside to talk her son and his family "up" -- in terms of values that match mine

- He also is planning a special date in July -- has been alluding to it for a few months now -- that it is a special restaurant (won't tell me the name) -- that he wants to take a stroll in the heritage district of our city...

- He also noted after my talk with his mom last weekend that "now all the pieces fit" and he's ready to take the plunge into the ocean and so forth -- rather vague statements without any context -- just blurting them out

- he's even recently noted to "hang in there" that all my dreams will come true soon...

Is he proposing? Or pulling my leg?


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  • Sounds like everythings going smoothly, I wish you both a happy future. ;)


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  • Sounds like major hints at a proposal, especially because his family is so involved in it. Are you going to say yes? Is it disappointing that it won't be a surprise?

    • He's the love of my life -- of course I would say yes! He knows that I adore and love him... and am "waiting" for him to be on the same page. I haven't pressured at all -- but I have told him that I think he's the one and that I want to spend the rest of my life with. That I am happy as we are -- but I would be happy with the "other" too -- just a differ kinda happy.

      Surprise? I don't do grand gestures or surprises well -- so he's hinting so I don't freak

      Thx 4 your response

    • Well then it sounds awesome, congratulations! :D Sounds like you have an amazing guy with a great family, you're really lucky. I'd give anything for my bf's mom to say something like that to me. I mean, we're on great terms, and we bond really well, but they're just not expressive like that. You're lucky! :)