How would YOU propose to your girlfriend, girls?

you don't even need to have a girlfriend to answer this I just want to hear your proposal ideas! <3 hehe

stupid gag changed the wording of the question!


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  • I would take her to a place that I have never taken anyone before because its my sanctuary and very few people know where it is. I would take a blanket with me so we could lay down in the cool grass and watch the sun set. Than when that beautiful orange and purple show up in the sky I would start to kiss her than slip the ring in her back pocket with a note saying "will you marry me" on it. than after I did that I would roll back over to watch more of the sunset and than look at her and ask what was in here back pocket. and if all goes as planned she will find the ring and the note and look me in the eye, while tears form in her eyes, and say yes. than give me a romantic but forceful kiss. :)


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